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People of this want entertainment in their life, so they do everything to find a movie. Nowadays the Android cell phones are the best way to find enjoyment. 

There is nothing better to get satisfaction in life than the cell phone. People can get entertainment on a cell phone by watching movies, playing games and many more.

Playing games is better than watching movies to entertain your life. But when they started to play the game, then they want to play the whole game day, but all the games have some locked levels to earn money. 

So, when people have the unlock level, they get angry and frustrated because of this. They do not want to pay for these things and to open the scale by playing the game is very tough. 

Here Is an app by which you can patch or hack the locked levels of the games to unlock them. By this app, you can play the games without any locked level and any disturbance. 

In this post, I shall give you the complete detail about this app even later I will provide you with the downloading link of the APK file of this app. 

Lucky Patcher APK

Lucky patcher APK is an app which provides you the games in the patched situation where you do not need to unlock any level. 

You can enjoy the games here without any disturbance. If your android phone is rooted, then you will get more control over the features of this app. 

Android games are becoming more famous among our youngsters nowadays. 

Therefore, the game developers are launching the games as soon as they can. They make some locked levels to give the game a new twist and to earn money but, Lucky Patcher APK has done their frustration decrease because now you can play the games easily without unlocking the levels.  

Without using the Lucky Patcher app, it will be dull and tight for you to open the standards because both of the unlocking methods are not easy for you. 

First one is that you play the game whole the month regularly and then by collecting the coins you can unlock the levels. This one is not good. 

The second method is that you can pay for opening the standard, but you will not do so. So, in this way Lucky Patcher is the best and last option which is accessible and useful for you. 

This app is full of features now I am going to describe the features of this app. 

Features of Lucky Patcher APK:

  • Lucky Patcher is a hacking tool made for the crazy entertainment seekers to enjoy through the games. Here are the highlights of this app.
  • This app removes ads automatically. Most of us irritated by the ads come in during the game or any other thing. So now you do not need to worry about interrupt in the game or to access an app. It just needs some steps to get rid of additional ads.
  • You can access chips, coins, and many game resources to unlock the level or increase your level. Lucky Patcher Apk also has this fantastic tool. You can open the coins, chips, and gems by this tool.
  • This app can convert any app or game to your system game. This is a fantastic tool of this app that if you want an app or play as your permanent system app, then you can convert any google app to your system app by this tool of the lucky patcher.
  • You can move your apps to your memory card. If your system memory is about to the full, then this app will help you to move your heavy application to the internal card, and you can release your phone memory.
  • It helps you to purchase the Google paid apps in free. Lucky patcher app has this tool that it will automatically bypass the Google billing system.
  • It helps you to make a backup of your important files that you can get it back when you require it. You can quickly build your makeup by using the lucky patcher Apk.

Download Lucky Patcher APK

As this app is not the official app and used for modifying the games, so it is not available on the Google play store. 

You can use this app on your android phone without rooting your device, but for enjoying all features of this app, you must root your device. 

For unlocking the levels of the game, you also can hack the game to modify it, but hacking is not a natural process. You would prefer to download this app than to try the hacking. 

The routing device is a natural process so by rooting the device you can download the APK file of this from the link. Lucky Patcher allows you to play the games like Rail rush, Subway Surf, Hill Climb and many more. 

The developers of this app made it in this way that it automatically clears the Google debit card option by that the locked levels of the game unlocked automatically. 

As this app is not available on the Google Play store so you can download this app from the trusted websites. 

Our website is trusted for you, so here I am giving you the downloading link of the PAK file of this app. 

Requirements for Lucky Patcher Apk

Before installing this fantastic app, your Android phone needs to meet the requirements of this APK file.  

  • First of all, your phone must be rooted because it is a hacking tool.
  • Your phone must have a 10 Gb free memory to install this app.
  • IT requires at least 2Gb ram to operate by the phone.
  • Your android version must be 4.0 + to download this app.

How to install Lucky Patcher APK on Android?

  • First thing for downloading this app was rooting your device.
  • Once you have rooted your device now go into the setting of your android phone and enable the “Unknown Sources” option from the settings.
  • Now download the APK file from the given downloading link.
  • Now locate the file in the file manager of your phone.
  • Now double tap on it, if you have already enabled the Unknown Sources option then by double tapping on it, the installation method will start automatically.
  • Wait till the installation process completes.
  • When the installation completed now this app is available for you. You can use this app for your benefit.

Lucky Patcher for iOS

If you are an iOS user then here Lucky Patcher app is also available for you. You also can download the official Lucky Patcher app for your iOS. 

It supports the iPhone and iPod. Lucky Patcher has same work here for iOS even to hack the games and modify it and also to block the ads. 

It has the same features in iOS also like the Android operating system. Here I am going to give you the downloading lick of Lucky Patcher app for iOS. 

You can download it from here. 

How to Install Lucky Patcher App in iOS?

  • First of all, download the app from the upper given link.
  • Now install the app on your phone.
  • Once you have installed it, now go into the setting of your iPhone and mark Lucky Patcher App as a trusted app.
  • After this, Lucky Patcher app is ready for you to use.


Q: is it safe to use Lucky Patcher App?

Till this date, there are 20 million users of this app all over the world, but there is no application about getting damaged any phone by busing Lucky Patcher App.  

So, you can use this app without any hesitation. There is no harm to your phone by using this app. You may get some errors about downloading this app, but you can fix those errors. 

Q: Are apps and games are supported?

Lucky Patcher app supports many apps and games, but it does not support all the games and apps. It is tough to make it like that it works for all the games and apps because all the apps and games are different in their modification. 

They have a different way of securing the payment method. Default system of modifying apps and games may work for some apps or may not work for some games. 

It depends on your luck that modifying system works for the app you want to modify or not. It also depends on your skill of using this tool to adjust the games because there are so many tools of clearing the payment method if you use them wisely then you will get success in your work. 

Q: How does it work?

Lucky patcher replaces the original code with the new modified one, and sometimes it completely removes the unique system to get the desired features of the app. 

If you use the lucky patcher for clearing the license verification, then it will remove or replace the part of the code which is written to check the license verification. 

  • Patches are made merely for every game and application.
  • To clear the license verification is the same for all the cases but it does work for 50%, we do not know why. It can answer by the developers.
  • Blocking Ads are also available in the Lucky Patcher. It works perfectly. This is the feature of this app which does not depend on the luck.

Q: I applied the custom patch, but it says custom patch cannot be applied why?

As the custom patch is available on below the app and games, but sometime it could not be implemented because sometimes the custom patch is not made for the version which you have installed on your device. 

Read the instructions given by the developers about the version and the game and then apply the custom patch on the perfect one to works it properly. 

Google says “this can be harmful to your device.” Is Lucky Patcher a virus:

Google chrome shows this message for almost every APK file. This is just a warning for you. You can ignore it. 

Q: why does Lucky Patcher run slowly and hangs a lot?

There can be two reasons behind this. First one is that the Android version of your system could be old. IF this is the reason, then we suggest you upgrade your phone. 

The second one is that the busy box is not correctly installed on your phone. IF this is the reason then reinstall the app on your phone. 

Q: Why this app gets too many updates?

The apps and games for which the Lucky Patcher app is made to get frequent updates and the patches also update so. Therefore, the developers of this app frequently update this app. 


That’s all about the Lucky Patcher app. I hope that you must be interested in this app because the app is superb in use. 

If you want to download the app then I have given you the downloading link of the app, you can download the APK file of the app from there. 

I have described this app entirely to you, so if you still got any problem in this app then do not feel shy about asking your question. You can comment here below to ask your question. 

We are available here all the time for you. Stay connected with us for more updates of the apps like this. I hope you enjoyed it. 

Thank You!

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